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ONE - Spell your name without vowels: f
TWO - Are you single?: Yes
THREE - Whats your favorite number?: 8
FOUR - What color do you wear most?: well....Black is my school unifom, so that I guess? but  not including that it's probably dark blue
FIVE - Least favorite color?: Yellow!
SIX - Favorite candy?: um....every kind except cinnamon flavor things!
SEVEN - What do you smoke?: Air
EIGHT - Are you happy with your life right now?: *sighs* I dunno!
NINE - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?: a genderbent Nicholas Megalis! (is he even classed as a celebrity?)
TEN - What is your favorite class in school?: Art, App development and photoshop!
ELEVEN - Do you shop at Hollister/DC/Bluenotes?: Holister isnt my style, and I dont even think I've ever seen a Bluenotes here? But I used to have a few DC shoes
TWELVE - How do you make money?: I have a job! (waitress oh yeah)
THIRTEEN - Who is your best friend?: my friend Erin! but at the same time, I'm super close to my friend Brian, and I've know him for EVER, he's pretty much my brother
FOURTEEN - Where do you go to school?: Preston Lodge academy for Ratchet Chavs
FIFTEEN - Are you outgoing?: NOPE. //Glossophobic. yo
SIXTEEN - One word to describe you?: Emotional!
SEVENTEEN - Favorite pair of shoes?: ahh my Red doc martens! or my black boots....or my Vans....Or my black ballet flats...IDK
EIGHTEEN - Do you own big sunglasses?: I wish I did! water-bugs, all the way! it would double my sass my 1000! but I cant wear sunglasses, I have to wear glasses permanently
NINETEEN - Where do you wish you were right now?: the little world inside my head. or Hogwarts.
TWENTY - What should you be doing right now?: ughhhh so many art tradessssss
TWENTY ONE - Do you have a crush on anyone right now?: If by Crush you mean in love with Matt Smith then yes!

Honestly, what's on your mind right now?: oh god, so much random shit
Honestly, what are you doing right now?: Laughing and feeling every emotion possible at once
Honestly, have you done something bad today?: texting in class bad?
Honestly, do you watch Disney Channel?: I don't have that channel! but if I did, then no. I hate how cheesy its gotten.
Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?: everyone who has a nice looking tumblr blog
Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time?: people using the word "gay" as an insult. or just using it negatively
Honestly, do you bite your nails?: only on one hand XD
Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?: yes! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt!! or my OCs irl, I would love that so much
Honestly, are you keeping a big secret right now?: it's not my secret and yeah, but It isn't so much of a secret anymore

Can you blow a bubble?: Yeah!
Can you dance?: OF COURSE! *dad dances*
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: totes! I AM THE CHERRY QUEEN
Can you whistle?: yuppers!
Can you roll your tongue?: uh-huh!
Can you make a clover with your tongue?: Idk, Probably!

What do you do when you're mad?: secretley diss the person who angered me in front of them
What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad?: pinched my brothers cheeks SO HARD that there was dents from my fingernails there for a week!
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?: well my brother was quite young at the time

Ever really cried your heart out?: EVERY. DAY. no seriously, like once a week
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: too many times to count
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: none of my friends are really close enough for me to do that...apart from Brian, but I rarely see him, so I cant
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: don't get me started on Matt Smith again!
Ever cried over the same sex?: yes! especially lately, if you missing a friend who moved counts?
Do you cry when you get an injury?: I've never had a serious enough injury
Do certain songs make you cry?: YES! SO many
Do certain movies make you cry?:OH GOD! all most every single movie I've ever seen

Are you usually a happy person?: YEAH!
What makes you the happiest?: when my friends say sweet things~ WHICH IS BARELY EVER
Does being with your friends make you happy?: YEP! unless they are depressed
Do you believe in yourself?: nope.
Do you wish you were happier?: I dont even know 
Is being happy overrated?: NO WAY
Can music make you happy?: YES! even singing along to sad songs makes me happy!

How many times have you had your heart broken?: every time I watch doctor who! and seriously. like once. dont flipping remind me, man!
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?:I wish I could say yes but I haven't thought about it
Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'I love you'?: YEAH! this morning! (looking at you, sparkle-chan!)

Do you actually hate anyone?: ugh yes!
Have you ever been on a hit list?: yes! I get put on one daily *couch cough* Ekoru

Is your self-esteem extremely low?: its very low, but not EXTREMELY
Do you think you're good looking?: DEfinitley not!
Do you wish you could be someone else?: maybe I do! not sure, I do and I dont

What is your current hair color?: brown
What is your eye color?: brown or green or hazel. different people tell me different things
What is your skin tone?: pale #NoSun4lyf
Current piercings?: I used to! not anymore~
Have any tattoos?: nope
Straight hair or curly?: curly!

What shirt are you wearing?: a white blouse!
Necklace(s)?: does a tie count?
Shoes?: just some dusty ol' tights

Hugged someone?: OF COURSE!
Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?: nope!
Got in a fight with someone?: haha! no

Person you talked to in person?: Myself 
Person you talked to online?: SPARKLE-CHAAAAAN
Person you hugged?: if its a hug over the internet then Sparklepanties(-chan) if not, then Grace or my dad, I don't remember

Current mood: Tired and Seggy as F U C K
Current music: That Girl by all time low! wait, it just changed, just plug yer ears into THIS
Current hair style: its just loose and down in naturally loose curls, but tomorrow my friend is gonna put it in a fishtail braid!
Current crush: oh so many, no 1: MATT! bonus, have some others in no order: Itou (utaite) KRistoff (frozen) Andrew Garfield (spidey) Tom Odell! there, probably my BIGGEST crushes at the moment, but theres a lot more where that same from~
Current thing I ought to be doing: finishing my art trades, and getting my mothers laptop password so I can install LINE on this mofo
Current windows open: Google chrome, Sticky notes, MSN (it wont close), Skype and LINE set up
Current desktop picture: Hetalia! but I'm usually on my iPad, its Matt Smith on there

Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?: NOPE! I had bodyguards!
Did you ever run away from home?: just a few times and it wasn't even for that long
Did you ever want to be a doctor?: Doctor Who?
Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?: why is this even a question? no

Do you know how to swim?: YEP
Do you like roller coasters?: uwahhh no!!
Do you own a bike?: yep! I'm waiting for summer to ride it, but I want a cute one like this, not my ugly ol' thing
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: I dont like any of my food to be mixed together, or even toughing. WHAT DO YOu THin K?

Does hair loss run in your family at all?: I dont think so! but my uncle is losing his hair but still has long hair, he looks like a monk, teehee
Does your car get good gas mileage?: no Idea!
Does your family have family picnics?: not with my reynauds!

Have you ever been on a plane?: yes. we almost crashed!
Have you ever been to the ocean?: I can see the sea from my window

What are you listening to?: my starred list on spotify and my brother shrieking at the xbox
What is the weather outside?: its dark, I cant tell
What radio station do you listen to?: the chaos inside my
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: Nandos
What was the last thing you had to drink?: Cheap fake irn bru
What was the last movie you watched?: harry potter deathly hallows part 2 FRED OMG ILY WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE
  • Listening to: Idk anymore
  • Reading: Hunger Games
  • Watching: Snk
  • Playing: Acnl
  • Eating: Instant Ramen
  • Drinking: Irn bru


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